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About Bakersfield

Did You Know...

* Bakersfield's population increased 55.33% between 2000 and 2017

* The median age of Bakersfield’s population is 30.2, giving it a younger population than either California (35.6) or the U.S. (37.4).

* Bakersfield is served by 4 local tv affiliates, one newspaper and numerous radio stations

* According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Bakersfield is one of the top three metropolitan areas for job growth in California (2017).

* According to smartassets.com (2018), Bakersfield ranks 3rd in the United States for millennial home ownership.

* Bakersfield has more than 170 miles of bike trails, lanes, and paths

* Bakersfield is one of only six stops featured on Yelp’s “Perfect West Coast Road Trip” from Seattle to San Diego. The only other intermediate stops are Portland, Sacramento, and Los Angeles.

Learn More here: https://www.visitbakersfield.com/